10 Ideas For a Garden Decoration

10 Ideas For a Garden Decoration

Inspiration Pinterest Your garden lacks originality while your house, garage or cellar overflows small objects you do not know what to do? Côté Maison has found 10 good ideas to combine recycling and decoration in your small (or large) green area. Learn how to reuse old doors or create a pallet swing, but also to make a vegetable gardenand labels for spices without spending a dime. Leaving? Discover the best garden recap ideas from Pinterest!

Old glass bottles, pallets, crates of wine … These objects are not intended for trash, recycle them in deco for your garden ! One becomes a swing when the other turns into a kitchen garden. Côté Maison has found 10 good ideas for an original decor without spending. By combining recycling, DIY and gardening , we get an original garden and ultra deco. Get inspired …

For a country decor without breaking your piggy bank, take old glass bottles (found in your storage room or a flea market), hang them with raffia or string and install pretty fresh flowers. A good idea to create a country atmosphere for a wedding or just to decorate your piece of paradise.

These poorly insulated windows that you removed to replace them with standard models are not intended for trash. Take the opportunity to make the decor in your garden. With an old table and two armchairs, your living room outside is ready!

The cans are your allies deco. With a little earth and something to make a tie, they become customizable pots to decorate your garden fence.

The fashion of the pallets is invited outside with this suspended bed. Be careful to attach the ropes before hanging your garden bed to a tree. At you the corner lazing for the summer.

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