10 Inground Pools to Inspire

10 Inground Pools to Inspire

When the heat wave rises, we only dream of one thing: to bathe! The swimming pool buried in the private home who sees it as a practical investment as aesthetics. And yes, an inground pool is also a beautiful ornamental pond to dress up the garden and bring a hint of luxury. Let yourself be tempted, dive into these 12 underground pools to dream.

Infinity pools, corridors, mirrored or bean-shaped, the basins are adapted to your needs and the configuration of your land. More expensive than a semi-inground or above-ground pool , the inground pool is also more resistant and completely transforms the look of your exterior. In a spacious garden , on a city terrace or even in a patio between two houses, bespoke pools seduce more and more individuals . The proof in pictures with these buried pools that will make drool more than one!

Want a pool that integrates with the garden environment? Opt for a mirror pool . It differs from infinity pools because the water flows differently, in invisible channels that surround the basin. Ultra natural, this mirror pool evokes the sea: the water runs aground naturally on the edges of the siding, reminding the effect of the waves on the sand. Its “L” shape – very contemporary – follows the architecture of the place, and its mirror aspect reflects the stone buildings . Charming.

L-shaped mirror pool of 4 x 20 m and 8 x 4 m, by architect M. Guffroy.

Blue Square Pools

Set on the heights of the garden, the inground pool overlooks all the rest of the land . As if dug on the slope, the family pool fits seamlessly between the house and the stone-covered terrace. With an almost invisible overflow in the corner of the pool, water flows into a concealed basin below. Above all, the inground pool enjoys a submerged beach that allows the less daring to swim without venturing into the hollow of the pool.

Inground infinity pool with submerged beach, 9.50 mx 4.80 mx 3.50 m.

CPH – Diffazur Swimming Pools

3. A round pool for the whole family

Much more classic, this pool shaped bean is ideal for large families.Large enough to hold children and parents, it offers multiple play surfaces for each family member to enjoy as he or she sees fit. Its rounded shape adapts to many types of terrain, even those a little convoluted. Plus this family pool? Its unobstructed view of the ocean, to enjoy the coastal landscape without suffering the disadvantages of seawater.

Inground Bean-shaped pool Céline, 6.85 mx 4.10 mx 2.22 m.

Waterair Pools

Surrounded by palm trees , bamboo and exotic plants of all kinds, the pool and its environment cultivate the change of scenery . The basin extends from the house to the end of the land and gives the impression of an oasis created in the heart of the garden . An important work has been done in terms of colors: the water, a turquoise blue punctuated with green, seems all the more natural. And for a successful “swimming pool” spirit, outdoor beds and large umbrellas were affixed all around the pool. Heavenly.

14 x 4 m in-ground outdoor swimming pool with full-length staircase by Virginie Gravière and Olivier Martin from A-GraM Architecture.

Agretec – Blue Square Pools – François Deladerrière

No, the underground pools are not reserved for the owners of spacious gardens. A small courtyard, or patio, can accommodate a pool as long as you think upstream. Here, the small pool literally seems to break into the dining room . The classic facade of the house has given way to a large glass partition, which folds entirely according to desires. And to reinforce this impression of continuity between the living room and the pool, the same polished concreteeffect lining was poured. What to enjoy the pool, even from the inside.

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