Pool Heating, Ideal to Enjoy all Year Round!

To fully enjoy the joys of swimming, whatever the seasons

To fully enjoy the joys of swimming, whatever the seasons , the ideal is to heat your pool. Several solutions exist: solar cover, swimming pool shelter and of course, heat pump . If the latter can be more expensive to buy, it is very effective, ensuring water temperature more than pleasant throughout the year. Do you want to invest in a heat pump for your pool? Discover our selection of 6 models for all budgets. Enjoying a pleasant water whatever the season requires maintenance. By investing in a heat pump , you will need to monitor the water quality closely. Indeed, it is more…

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The Garden Mushrooms of Claude Pasquer

Yesterday, strange characters which he peopled the gardens of the castle of Rivau, today, amazing giant mushrooms … Claude Pasquer’s grid sculptures pollinate wonderful gardens. In good geniuses of nature, in messengers of the living, Chaumont-sur-Loire in Luberon. Claude Pasquer is an enthusiast who dedicates his career to the work of the earth. Hands-on, this seasoned landscape gardener is now looking for ways to raise awareness and interest the younger generation in key issues of concern. Over time, Claude Pasquer’s inventions have become works of art. Detours on its way, between the paths punctuated with giant…

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