How to Decorate Your Living Room for The fall?

Decorate Your Living Room for The fall

The days that shorten, the gray weather, the cold that happens … A lot of “symptoms” of autumn that weigh on the morale and that just make us want to hide under a big plaid the weekend before Netflix. Every year is the same story, a few days. It is depressed to turn on the heating at night, to turn on the lights earlier and earlier. And we can not do anything about it – well, almost! The decor can be a great asset to warm a room but also make it more friendly,…

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How to Choose a Wallpaper For Wet Rooms?

Choose a Wallpaper For Wet Rooms

Apart from the taste factor, which is your own. In the kitchen, there are different factors to take into account to choose the wallpaper. Indeed, the latter will be confronted with fat cooking, even if you have a host. So, for your kitchen wallpaper to last in time, it is best to choose a paper that will be leachable. And the second factor is moisture, from the leaching, but also simply when you make the dishes or even cook pasta. These two technical constraints are important to consider before buying your wallpaper because they will make your…

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