All About Crocus, The First To Bloom

All About Crocus, The First To Bloom

The crocus is one of the perennial bulbs . It is a small plant with fine foliage and large flowers of various colors. The crocus flowers from the month of February and can be installed in a garden, on a terrace or balcony. Some of these very hardy plants bloom in spring, others in autumn. They enjoy themselves in full sun in ordinary garden grounds. These are the first blooms in the garden, moreover it happens to be seen in the middle of lawns covered with snow.

Crocus is a bulbous perennial that blooms very early in the season. Very hardy, spring crocus bulbs are planted in autumn for bloom in February or summer for a bloom in autumn. Very easy to grow, they are content with ordinary land and transform the garden into a rainbow of colors. Our practical tips will help beginner and experienced gardeners to successfully grow crocus.

Crocus plantation

Crocus bulbs are planted in the ground or in pots, in autumn for spring varieties and in summer for autumn varieties. Plant the bulbs in a well-drained loam . In case of heavy soil do not hesitate to add a few handfuls of sand in the bottom of the holes. Dig holes 10 cm deep and install the bulbs 5 cm apart. Place them in groups of the same color to form colorful spots in your garden.

Potted crocus, care tips

Crocus grows well in pots or planters . Install it on the edge of a terrace or balcony. Treat the drainage of containers with a bed of gravel and push the bulbs into the soil of the pots. Water a little and direct the crocus pots to the sun. Crocus can be planted in planters with other spring bulbs such as tulips and hyacinths .

Size and maintenance of crocus

In the ground, crocuses do not need size . Cut the foliage after flowering and once the plant is faded. The bulb will bloom again the following year. In pots, cut the flowers when they start to fade to facilitate a new flowering.

Watering and crocus fertilizer

Crocus does not need fertilizer , as long as it is in rich soil right from the time of planting.

Diseases and parasites that affect crocus

Crocus bulbs can be attacked by field mice under the ground. To protect them, place them in planting baskets before putting them in the planting holes.

To know about crocus

One of the crocus varieties, crocus sativa , produces saffron, a famous and very expensive spice. The pistils of this crocus are harvested two days before the full bloom , then dried and sold as they are or in powder form.

Varieties of crocus to choose

Jeanne d’arc is a crocus all white , reserved for potted plantations next to blue hyacinths. In lawns, choose large-flowered varieties such as Flower Record Violet or Picwick , with purple streaked flowers.

Gardener’s tip on crocus

In the garden and to be visible, the crocus must be planted in large quantities . For this, in September / October (before the coldweather), cut pieces of lawn, lift them and install the bulbs by 25 and almost side by side. Add a little potting soil to the bulbs and replace the pieces of lawn.

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