How to Decorate Your Living Room for The fall?

Decorate Your Living Room for The fall

The days that shorten, the gray weather, the cold that happens … A lot of “symptoms” of autumn that weigh on the morale and that just make us want to hide under a big plaid the weekend before Netflix. Every year is the same story, a few days. It is depressed to turn on the heating at night, to turn on the lights earlier and earlier. And we can not do anything about it – well, almost! The decor can be a great asset to warm a room but also make it more friendly, more enjoyable, even if it’s outside the deluge. In this article, I suggest you some tips to decorate your living room to spend the autumn warm without depressing!
I reassure you in this article, you will not find pumpkin decorating ideas for Halloween but real advice to decorate your living room fashionably and functionally.

Rethink the light of your living room

As soon as we talk about light in terms of interior decoration, we must see several plans. On the one hand, natural light, the one that puts us in a good mood. And on the other hand, the artificial light, which allows us to see clearly when the day is declining.
First, the natural light in your living room: The first advice I can give you and check if nothing comes to prevent light from passing. In summer we try to filter the natural light to avoid getting too hot. Here, it is a little the opposite that must be done. Indeed, the interest is to have a maximum of natural light inside your living space. For example, you can trade the blinds for fine, white curtains that will let the light spread in your room.
Then, the artificial light. Here too there can be work. Always keep in mind that it must be practical and tailored to your needs. Ceiling suspension should spread light widely so that the entire space is lit. And according to your needs, it will be interesting to add sources of secondary lights. It may not serve you right away, but this winter will change your life, especially if you like reading on the couch or knitting. It’s always better when you see something there. Several solutions are available to you in terms of secondary lighting: a floor lamp next to the sofa, a table lamp on a side table …

Make room for indoor plants

Because the fall is the decline of nature and as the nature outside will become more bleak, I suggest bringing life inside your living room with pretty green plants. If you have not yet succumbed to the charms of green plants in your decor, it’s time to give in to temptation. If you already have plants, it is interesting to change their place Maybe put them closer to the windows so that they also benefit from the outdoor brightness. Feel free to play with the volumes, the different varieties of plants and the flowerpot. All this together will be like a natural lung in your living room.

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