The Big Chandeliers in Your Decor

The Big Chandeliers in Your Decor

Let’s start with the practical-practice: The ideal to have an imposing suspension is to have a nice height under ceiling. It will save you from getting your head in it. It’s stupid as a reflection, but you have to think about it. The pendant lights are very feminine and contemporary but they do not fit all the interiors, especially if your room is low ceiling.
In the dining room, the problem is a little different because there is the space above the table that is usually empty and can be filled through a suspension. We have a lot of chances to bang our heads in it. You can also find this same layout in the kitchen, if it is equipped with an island on which you eat. (If there is a hood above your island, it does not work, we get along!)
For the entrance, large suspensions can sometimes have a nice effect, especially if your entry is a large space. If it’s a small hallway, a large suspension can pack your space. It’s something to avoid. At that moment, go more on spots or appliques.

The secret lies in the proportions and balance

As in many areas of the decor, the balance between the different elements that make up your home is the key. If you opt for a large luminaire that adorns your ceiling, to avoid feeling choked in your room, you must play on balance. It’s abstract for you?
Let’s take a few examples. In your living room, you have chosen a pretty suspension that decorates your ceiling. It illuminates all of your space. But you still want to bring extra light sources. You must avoid choosing a large lamppost behind your couch that will be flanking your suspension. It is better to opt for table lamps on each side of the sofa, lower that will not obscure the visual effect of your suspension.
The balance is also valid between your imposing lighting and the wall decoration. Your luminaire takes up space visually even if it is on the ceiling, generally, they are luminaries which release also a certain aestheticism. It is therefore necessary to find the balance with the decoration of your walls, thanks to the uni. Even if it is a color that is out of the ordinary, the uni will highlight your lighting, as if it was cut on the wall. You follow me? So we avoid the “big” lights and pattern wallpaper, at the risk of too much and too overloaded.

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